Each piece of antique wooden furniture or architectural millwork is a unique mix of material, craft, and history. In many cases, however, they have far exceeded the life that their maker’s envisioned. Our goal is to preserve the original woodwork and history as much as possible. We do this by utilizing both traditional and innovative repair techniques to maintain the integrity of the historic object and its value.

We work directly with our clients to determine the best possible treatment that meets both your needs and those of your furniture. Our fine woodworking skills and years of experience allow you to have your antique furniture and historic architectural woodwork repaired and restored with confidence.

In our conservation studio we treat wooden furniture and architectural millwork dating from the early 17th century through today. We specialize in repairing damage to traditional hand-made joinery, paneling, turnings, carvings, veneer work and inlays. We also stabilize and repair damage caused by aging, warping, wet and dry rot, water damage and insect damage. Using traditional woodworking skills, we can reproduce missing or damaged elements, or make reproductions of entire furnishings.