uphostery-pageHistoric upholstered furnishings are an important component of the antique market today.   But it can be a very difficult to repair, preserve, or restore these objects faithfully. Until recently, historic upholstery rarely was saved. With the advent of foam and synthetic materials it has become difficult to find craftsmen skilled in reproducing the period look and feel of traditional horse hair stuffed upholstery with hand stitched foundations.   And the repeated rounds of re-upholstery, to keep up with changes in both taste and comfort, have extensively damaged many frames.

We strive to provide our clients with comfort and authenticity, but with a clear eye on preserving their surviving historic upholstery and antique furniture frames.   We use traditional hand-tied horse hair stuffing in combination with innovative techniques to minimize damage to your fragile antique frame.   The result is historically accurate and comfortable without the level of damage and instability incurred with traditional techniques alone.    For collections that are for display purposes only, such as museums, we can produce completely non-intrusive compensations with inert materials that can be made removable to allow the frames to continue to be examined.